You can analyze here multiple loci in a single multi-locus test. Note that loci do not need to be linked in the genome since the heterogeneity among loci will be taken into account

Only Coding Regions       Coding/Non-coding Regions

TYPES OF SITES TO ANALYZE: (Only comparisons involving two mutually exclusive types of site are allowed) SET AS NEUTRAL (The Neutral Class selected will be compared to another type of sites)
  Analyze synonymous changes
Analyze non-synonymous changes
Analyze four-fold degenerate sites/changes ?
Analyze two-fold degenerate sites/changes ?
Analyze non-degenerate sites/changes ?

PASTE THE SEQUENCES ( ) (Format must be FASTA)

To include multiple loci use the following annotation:
Sequences in FASTA format for gene 1
Sequences in FASTA format for gene 2
Species 1

Upload a file:

Species 2
Upload a file:

Species 1

Species 2

* If you uploaded a file with the sequences, please write a line foreach sequence with its annotations as follows:
   Sequence 1 --> 1..500              from the first position until the position 500
   Sequence 2 --> 1..200,205..500
   from the first position until the position 200, and from the position 250 until the position 500